The Graduate Assistant Health Insurance Committee is comprised of members of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Executive Board, faculty and staff. The Committee, which was established in February 2016, is responsible for reviewing ways to enhance health coverage for graduate students who are funded through teaching, research or graduate assistantships. With input from graduate students across the University and advice and counsel from outside healthcare experts, the Committee is also responsible for recommending updated future coverage options that will serve the community of graduate assistants with the best coverage and benefits at the best price.

As part of Syracuse University’s due diligence in sponsoring student health insurance plans (SHIP), it is standard to undertake a comprehensive review of the pan every two to three years to ensure it is delivering the best service and benefits at the best prices.

The Committee held a series of open discussions and office hours throughout the spring 2018 semester. Input received during these meetings is vitally important to the process.  In addition, a survey was sent out to graduate assistants to solicit additional feedback.