FPP Participation in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics offers three graduate programs at the Masters level from which Teaching Assistants may join the FPP: M.A. in French, M.A. in Spanish, or M.A. in Linguistic Studies.

As the FPP participants in LLL are all M.A. students, the department has developed their FPP with a commitment to both teaching and research skills. Two aspects of the program reflect this commitment: considerable independent, mentored teaching experience in the form of independent teaching of lower-division, primarily language, courses and revision of two academic papers to publishable standard where possible as part of the portfolio.  These rigorous components enable students to complete the program in the very best position to continue in the academy—for instance, to undertake doctoral studies or assume a university instructor position in language teaching.

Process for enrollment and eligibility requirements

In order to join the FPP, LLL Teaching Assistants must

  • have attended the University-wide and Departmental TA training programs and the Departmental 5-day TA Orientation,
  • have taken in their first year or be registered for an educational methodology course (examples of appropriate courses inside and outside the dept. are given).  In most cases, this methodology course will not be part of the M.A. degree requirements, but will be an additional requirement for FPP students. Students can petition to have alternatives to those listed counted as equivalents (e.g., educational courses at other institutions or significant professional experience).
  • secure the cooperation of one Teaching and one Academic Mentor.
  • nominate themselves for the program by sending an application by email to the Primary Faculty Liaison, TBA. Applications should address the points described above and should be accompanied by letters, ideally from the proposed Teaching and Academic mentors, stating support for the participant’s suitability for the program.

Independent Mentored Teaching Experiences

Teaching Assistants in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics hold non-traditional appointments, which are highly independent.  In most cases, FPP participants assume complete responsibility for either one four-credit course and one one-credit course or two three-credit courses per semester.  Duties typically include construction of course syllabi, supplementary material, and assignments; sole teaching of all classes; and grading of assignments and exams. FPP participants fulfill these responsibilities under the close supervision of a program coordinator, who also functions as the Teaching Mentor.   With further support from an additional Academic Mentor, FPP participants in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics complete their programs with considerable independent, mentored teaching experience.
Requirements for the Portfolio

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics maintains the following requirements for the final FPP portfolio:

  • a table of contents
  • teaching materials revised under guidance of the Teaching Mentor
  • a reflective essay on the participant’s teaching experience or a statement of teaching philosophy
  • student evaluations
  • a teaching assessment from the Teaching Mentor
  • a minimum of three written reports on Professional Development Seminars
  • two scholarly papers, revised to publishable standard where possible under guidance of the Academic Mentor (including input from course faculty where appropriate)
  • optional additional materials, e.g., a videotape of a class.