Collaborative Futures: Critical Reflections on Publicly Active Graduate Education





Kevin Bott


Amanda Gilvin

PART ONE: THEORY IN PRACTICE: Contextualizing Collaboration: Publicly Active Graduate Scholarship in United States Higher Education

  • The Arc of the Academic Career Bends Toward Publicly Engaged Scholarship
    Timothy K. Eatman
  • The Land-Grant System and Graduate Education: Reclaiming a Narrative of Engagement
    Timothy J. Shaffer
  • To Hell With Good Intentions
    Ivan Illich
  • Publicly Engaged Graduate Research and the Transformation of the American Academy
    Susan Curtis, Shirley Rose, and Kristina Bross
  • From Returning to Our Roots: The EngagedInstitution; Executive Summary with “Seven-Part Test”
    Kellogg Commission on the Future of State and Land-Grant Universities
  • Publicly Engaged Scholarship and Academic Freedom: Rights and Responsibilities
    Nicholas Behm and Duane Roen
  • Interchapter: Statements of the American Association of University Professors
  • The Scholarship of Engagement
    Ernest L. Boyer
  • Community
    Miranda Joseph

PART TWO: Programs of Action: Institutionalizing Publicly Active Graduate Education

  • New Ways of Learning, Knowing, and Working: Diversifying Graduate Student Career Options Through Community Engagement
    Kristen Day, Victor Becerra, Vicki L. Ruiz, and Michael Powe
  • Getting Outside: Graduate Learning Through Art and Literacy Partnerships with City Schools
    Judith E. Meighan
  • Crossing Figueroa: The Tangled Web of Diversity and Democracy
    George J. Sánchez
  • The Engaged Dissertation: Three Points of View
    Linda S. Bergmann, Allen Brizee, and Jaclyn M. Wells
  • When the Gown Goes to Town: The Reciprocal Rewards of Fieldwork for Artists
    Jan Cohen-Cruz
  • Reimagining the Links Between Graduate Education and Community Engagement
    Marcy Schnitzer and Max Stephenson Jr.
  • Graduate Mentoring Against Common Sense
    Ron Krabill
  • First and Lasts: Lessons from Launching the Patient Voice Project at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop
    Austin Bunn

PART THREE: A Balancing Act: Publicly Active Graduate Students’ Reflections and Analyses

  • Arcs, Checklists, and Charts: The Trajectory of a Public Scholar?
    Sylvia Gale
  • Interchapter: Specifying the Scholarship of Engagement: Skills for Community-Based Projects in the Arts, Humanities, and Design
    Imagining America
  • Leveraging the Academy: Suggestions for Radical Grad Students and Radicals Considering Grad School
    Chris Dixon and Alexis Shotwell
  • Collaboration Conversation: Collaborative Ethnography as Engaged Scholarship
    Ali Colleen Neff
  • Reality Is Stranger than Fiction: The Politics of Race and Belonging in Los Angeles, California
    Damien M. Schnyder
  • Participatory Art, Engaged Scholarship: The Embedded Critic in Nadia Myre’s Scar Project
    Amanda Jane Graham