Interrupting Heteronormativity: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pedagogy and Responsible Teaching at Syracuse University




Vice Chancellor’s Preface
Deborah A. Freund

Editors’ Introduction
Mary Queen, Kathleen Farrell and Nisha Gupta

Part One: Interrupting Heteronormativity

  • Framing the Issues
    • Heteronormativity and Teaching at Syracuse University
      Susan Adams
    • Cartography of (Un)Intelligibility: A Migrant Intellectual’s Tale of the Field
      Huei-Hsuan Lin 
    • The Invisible Presence of Sexuality in the Classroom
      Ahoura Afshar
  • Listening to Students
    • (Un)Straightening the Syracuse University Landscape
      Aman Luthra
    • Echoes of Silence: Experiences of LGBT college students at SU
      Rachel Moran and Brian Stout
    • The Importance of LGBT Allies
      Camille Baker
    • Queer TAs in the Classroom: Perspectives on Coming Out
      Eldar Beiseitov and Payal Banerjee
  • Engaging Nuances
    • Understanding Current LGBT-Related Policies and Debates
      Nicole Dimetman
    • (Trans)Gendering the Classroom
      Rob S. Pusch
    • International Students and Sexuality at Syracuse University
      Sidney Greenblatt 

Part Two: Responsible Pedagogy

  • Constant Queerying: Practicing Responsible Pedagogy at Syracuse University
    Elizabeth Sierra-Zarella
  • Toward an LGBT Studies Minor
    Margaret Himley, Adrea Jaehnig, Andrew London and Jonathan Massey

Part Three: LGBT Teaching Resources

  • Using Film Inclusively: Or, Queering Your Classroom
    Dean Allbritton
  • Syracuse University Campus LGBT Resources
    Justin Welch
  • City of Syracuse LGBT Resources
    Justin Welch
  • Online LGBT Resources
    Kathleen Farrell
  • Citations for Classroom and Other Campus-Related LGBT Texts
    Adina Mulliken
  • Academic Resources Related to Sexuality and Gender Studies
    Kathleen Farrell

Glossary of LGBT Terms
Kathleen Farrell