Photo of bubble sheet and pencil

Mid-course evaluations provide information that can be used immediately to improve instruction and lesson planning while a course is underway. They are most commonly administered around the mid-point in a semester, when students have well-formed opinions about the course, but there is still time to implement changes.

In general, mid-course evaluations rely more heavily on open-ended, qualitative feedback about possible areas for improvement than on quantitative feedback that results in a rating of the course/section or instructor. While often more difficult to analyze and interpret, qualitative feedback can yield more specific information and useful insights than quantitative feedback.

Below are links to sample mid-course evaluations that you can download and modify to fit your instructional context. Each will take only a few minutes to complete. In order to ensure that responses are anonymous, it is a good idea to leave the room during the assessment and ask for a student volunteer to collect the evaluations. You should discuss the results and any changes you plan to make with your students.

Standardized Evaluations

In addition to the downloadable self-administered evaluations above, the Graduate School offers a standardized student evaluation service for TAs. You may request pre-printed feedback forms (bubble sheets) tailored to classroom, lab, recitation/discussion, or grader assignments, and for use as either mid-course or end-course assessments. These forms will be analyzed by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) on behalf of the Graduate School, and result in a summary report comparing your ratings with those of other TAs in your department.

Advantages of standardized evaluation: Summary report provides concise and legible documentation of your teaching ability (good for teaching portfolios); comparative data indicates performance relative to peers.

Disadvantages: limited opportunity for customization; must wait for results (a drawback especially for mid-course evaluations).

To request standardized evaluations, please contact Peg De Furia in the Graduate School ( or 315.443.4646).