The TA Program hosts workshops during the academic year focusing on problems and issues that TAs face.  Graduate students, faculty, and administrators wishing to present in this series of workshops may submit a proposal or email Shawn Loner ( in the Graduate School indicating the title, content, and proposed date of their presentation, and describing how the program will benefit TAs and other graduate students. Proposals will be assessed on the basis of their practical value and broad relevance to the TA population.

Spring 2018 Schedule

Teaching Portfolio Session, Wednesday, January 24, 5:30-6:45 pm in Lyman Hall 132.

  • The Graduate School Programs office is offering an interactive workshop designed for all graduate students with an interest in beginning, constructing, and/or improving a Teaching Portfolio. These portfolios are used in the application process for several awards and programs at Syracuse University (including the Teaching Mentor position, the Outstanding TA Award, and the Certificate in University Teaching) and are sometimes required for job or grant applications. We will discuss how to create, organize, and present aspects of the portfolio including the teaching philosophy, instructional evaluations, and teaching materials. No RSVP is required

Teaching Power: Dealing with Power Dynamics in the Classroom, Friday, February 9, 1:00-2:30 pm in Hall of Languages 114.

  • Regardless of discipline, power dynamics play into the various relationships in the classroom and affect the extent to which it is a productive learning space.  More so than most other graduate students, Teaching Assistants are entwined in a number of complex and potentially problematic power relations.  As instructors, we must understand our own positions of power and negotiate how, if, and when we exercise it in the classroom.  It is also important to understand the various power dynamics amongst students in your classroom, such as the power relations associated with various forms of privilege and bias.  TAs are also afforded various degrees of power within the dynamics between faculty, students, and themselves.  In this workshop, participants will discuss these, and other, arenas of power as well as how one might handle various situations where power comes into play. Lunch will be provided courtesy of the GSO. To RSVP,  email by Wednesday, 2/7/18.  Please email if you need any accommodations.

Asked and unanswered: Making the most of questions while teaching, Friday, March 30, 1:00-2:30 pm in Lyman Hall 126.

  • Think your questions are falling flat? Student responses aren’t what you’d hoped for? Questioning is a powerful teaching strategy often overlooked when planning a lesson or discussion.  This session will explore strategic questioning as a way to enhance student learning during lectures, discussions, participatory sessions such as labs or workshops, and independent activities such as assigned course readings.  Participants will be provided time, tools, and support to enhance their lesson plans through the incorporation of strategic questioning.  Lunch will be provided courtesy of the GSO. To RSVP,  email  Please email if you need any accommodations.


Fall 2017 Schedule

“What they didn’t tell me in orientation”: A follow-up workshop for TAs, moderated by  teaching mentors. Friday, September 29, 12:30-2:00 pm in Lyman Hall 229.

  • Whether you have been teaching for a few weeks, a semester, or years, there are always new issues and unexpected situations that arise in the classroom.   Come join a panel of experienced Teaching Mentors as we revisit TA Orientation by discussing the most pressing issues and concerns that you have about your TA role and your performance in the classroom.  All TAs (new, current, and former) are welcome for a spirited discussion of what issues concern you most. Lunch will be provided courtesy of the GSO. To RSVP, email, by Wednesday, 9/27/17. Please email if you need any accommodations.

Dealing with a Violent Campus Event: A Public Safety seminar, Friday, October 20, 12:30-2:00 pm in Lyman Hall 228

  • With the number of school/mass shootings and other violent events seemingly on the rise, it is imperative for TAs and instructors to know what to do in the unlikely event that something should happen at SU.  This public safety training session will discuss the practical concerns and procedures for dealing with such an event.  The discussion will also address the specific laws of NY State and the policies of Syracuse University as they concern the carrying of weapons on campus and how they differ from other states and institutions.  Lastly, the session will address any general safety concerns that you might have. Lunch will be provided courtesy of the GSO. To RSVP, please email by Wednesday, 10/18/17.  Please email if you need any accommodations.

Handling the End of the Semester: Dealing with Stress, Promoting Wellness, and Managing your Time Effectively, Friday, November 10, 12:30-2:00 p.m. in Lyman Hall 228

  • While the rest of the semester can be stressful, the looming end of the semester can be a particularly trying time for Teaching Assistants. With the increasing demands of students, the additional grading, and your own approaching deadlines, TAs often feel overwhelmed at this time.  In this interactive workshop we will discuss how a TA can overcome these challenges as well as provide a practical set of tips, techniques, and skills to help TAs manage their time, stress, and achieve a sense of wellness. Lunch will be provided courtesy of the GSO. To RSVP, please email by Wednesday, 11/8/17.  Please email if you need any accommodations.

Portfolio Construction:  Focusing on Writing your Teaching Philosophy statement, Friday, November 17, 12:30-2:00 p.m. in Hall of Languages 214

  • The articulation of one’s Teaching Philosophy is often the most time consuming and difficult activities that goes into the creation of a Teaching Portfolio.  It is also one of the most important.  This session will engage participants with some strategies for reflecting  upon their own teaching and how best to articulate their particular views on pedagogy.  Interest and time permitting, the development of a draft of one’s teaching philosophy will be workshopped. Lunch will be provided courtesy of the GSO. To RSVP, please email by Wednesday, 11/15/17.  Please email if you need any accommodations.