In addition to the graduate degree and certificate programs offered by SU’s academic schools and colleges, the Graduate School provides professional development programming and services to help graduate students succeed in their programs and prepare for their careers after graduation.

The Graduate School Programs Office works closely with academic departments, administrative offices, and external partners to design programs and services that:

  • Enhance the quality of instruction at the University.
  • Prepare students for faculty and other professional careers.
  • Recognize students for excellence in scholarship and teaching.
  • Introduce students to the resources of the University and local communities.
  • Respond to and advocate for student interests and concerns.
  • Cultivate a rich, interdisciplinary forum for discussions of pedagogy, career development, and issues related to higher education.

Major functions of the Graduate School Programs Office include the following:

  • The TA Program. The TA Program helps graduate students prepare to be successful as students and scholars at Syracuse University and as teachers, advisors, and role models in their teaching assistant positions.
  • English Language Proficiency Services. The Graduate School supports non-native-English-speaking TAs in their roles as teachers and students by providing language assessment, tuition-free courses, and undergraduate conversation partners.
  • Future Professoriate Program. The FPP, a structured professional development experience for aspiring faculty, represents a collaboration between the Graduate School and over 30 academic departments and schools/colleges.
  • Certificate in University Teaching. Offered through the FPP, the CUT is a recognized credential documenting readiness to assume faculty responsibilities at a college or university.
  • Awards. The Graduate School maintains annual awards programs recognizing outstanding TAs and superior graduate educators and advisors.
  • The Graduate School Press. In order to promote excellence in scholarship and teaching, the Graduate School maintains a book publication program providing resources on topics relevant to graduate education and the university classroom.
  • Graduate School Program Videos. This video archive of makes past Graduate School programming available at the click of a mouse.

For more information, visit the Graduate School Programs Office at 304 Lyman Hall or contact us at 315.443.3458 or