Internal Admits and Internal Program Transfers

If you are thinking about adding or changing a program, you are considered a potential “internal admit” or a “program transfer student” depending on your circumstances:

Internal Admit Students

You are considered an “internal admit” if you are a current Syracuse University graduate student pursuing a graduate degree and either of the following apply to you:

  • If you wish to pursue a concurrent degree, you are presently in a graduate program and are pursuing a second graduate degree at the same time as your current one; or
  • If you wish to pursue another; or wish to be admitted to the doctoral program in the same program of study in which you are currently pursuing a master’s degree.

Please submit an Internal Admit Form to your department. Contact your department for further information, as the Graduate Internal Admission Application form may require authorizing signatures from your current department and your new department. When complete, the signed form should be sent to the Graduate Admissions Processing, 400 Ostrom Ave or emailed to

If you have completed a graduate program within the last academic year, will be starting the new degree after graduation from your initial degree (consecutively), or are not currently pursuing a graduate degree, please submit a graduate application form through the regular admission process.

Internal Program Transfer Students

If you are seeking to transfer/change from a current graduate degree program to a different graduate degree program you are considered a “Program Transfer Student” and should use the Graduate Program/Plan Transfer Form. You will need to obtain signatures from both your new and old departments. When complete, the form should be sent to the Student Records Office, located on the first floor of Steele Hall.