Scholar Exchange Program

The Graduate Scholar Exchange is a cooperative agreement among Syracuse University, Cornell University, and the University of Rochester. The Graduate Scholar Exchange Program enables you to take advantage of the special courses, seminars, laboratory facilities, library resources, and research opportunities not available on your home campus.

How the Scholar Exchange Program Works

If your application is approved, you may register for coursework at one of the participating institutions. Your tuition continues to be paid to the University in which you are matriculated. Register for the course at both your home School and the host School (the institution teaching the course). To receive credit for your work, your School or College registers you under a special Graduate Scholar Exchange Course prefix that notes the course, grade, and institution of instruction on your graduate transcript.

Plan ahead! Begin the application process six weeks before the semester begins. Obtaining the required signatures and approvals can be time consuming.

Qualifications for Participation

  • Matriculated main campus graduate student and enrolled in good standing
  • Obtain the required signatures and follow the procedures below

Course Eligibility

  • Graduate-level courses (undergraduate level courses may not be taken in this program)
  • Enroll for a letter grade (no pass/fail courses are allowed): fall and spring terms only
  • Your advisor approves the course as appropriate to your program of study but not available in your home school


  • How to Apply
    • Complete the Scholar Exchange Program application
    • Obtain the signatures from both your advisor and the course instructor at the host institution
    • Submit the application for approval to Graduate Scholar Exchange, Graduate School, at Your application to the Graduate Scholar Exchange will be forwarded to the institution offering the course.
    • You will receive an email from the host institution with instructions on how to register for the approved course at the host institution.
  • Payment
    • Tuition is paid to your home School, but special course fees are paid to the School teaching the course.

      If you hold a tuition scholarship, courses taken under the aegis of the Scholar Exchange Program typically may be charged to your tuition account.

      You must abide by the registration dates of both your home and host institution, even though they may not be the same. Again, plan ahead because you are subject to all late fees that apply and this rule is not flexible. Late fees may be very expensive. Check the deadlines on the University Registrar Websites. (Cornell UniversityUniversity of RochesterSyracuse University).

  • Grade Reporting
    • In order for your grade to be counted towards your SU degree, you must request that an official transcript be sent to Graduate Scholar Exchange (304 Lyman Hall or electronically to once a grade has been posted.
  • Other Key Points About the Program
    • Permission to participate is given on an individual course basis. You may enroll in only one course per semester. Participation in this program is not guaranteed and all participating institutions have the right to accept or reject an application as they deem appropriate.

  • Contact Information