All-University TA Orientation Program

All first-time Teaching Assistants (TAs) are required to participate in an orientation program. The comprehensive all-University TA Orientation Program, held each August, has two major components:

  • International Teaching Assistant (ITA) program – This two-day program is devoted exclusively to the needs of our new international teaching assistants (ITAs).
  • General program for both domestic and international TAs – This three-day program offers a mix of concurrent and breakout sessions designed to prepare graduate students for their roles as TAs.

Tentative August 2022 TA Orientation Program Dates
August 15-19, 2022 International teaching assistants
August 17-19, 2022 All new teaching assistants
NOTE: In addition to the All-University TA Orientation, new TAs are expected to participate in their home department’s orientation program, which is designed to introduce them to departmental procedures and curricula, specific course assignment and teaching duties. These activities normally take place the week following the All-University TA Orientation.

Registration information is emailed to new TAs prior to the orientation.


Teaching Mentors

Each year teaching mentors play an integral role in the TA Orientation Program, comprising the core faculty of the program. The mentors serve as small group leaders and provide guidance to approximately 300 new teaching assistants each August. The mentors also participate in the development and implementation of TA Program activities throughout the academic year and serve as teaching consultants for the Graduate School.

Using a rigorous application process, 28-34 outstanding individuals are awarded a teaching mentor position by the Graduate School. Our mentors are selected for excellence in teaching and overall graduate study, and represent colleges and disciplines from across the University.

To learn more about the teaching mentor position or how to apply, email the TA program Coordinator, Shawn Loner.