FPP Stipends

All FPP participants are eligible to receive an annual FPP individual stipend for a total of two years. These are normally, but not necessarily, the first two years of program participation. Currently, the minimum annual stipend is $150, reflecting the Graduate School’s contribution. In most, but not all cases, that amount is matched or somewhat exceeded by the schools or colleges with FPP programs. (The Graduate School and college/school contributions are combined in a single individual payment to eligible participants, with the exception of WiSE-FPP, which, being outside the school/college structure, currently issues its own stipends separately.)

Stipends are issued mid-May of the participating academic year, following submission by eligible students of the FPP Participation Summary Form, to be signed by their primary faculty liaison and forwarded to the Graduate School by Friday, March 22 for academic year 2023-24. No stipend will be issued without the participation summary on file. Use of the funds is at the discretion of recipients, and there is no reporting requirement.

NOTE: The school/college contribution to the FPP stipend is subject to annual renewal by the deans, and thus is assured neither of perpetuity nor of fixity in amount. Furthermore, colleges/schools that approve the stipend are obligated to fund only those students whose names appear on the FPP enrollment form due from PFLs in mid-September. School/college funding for late enrollees is discretionary.