When looking for an off-campus apartment, factor in transportation needs and travel time – and the same goes for applying for jobs on or off-campus, if you know you will need to rely on public transportation. The University operates a shuttle system on and near campus, and the City of Syracuse offers a variety of bussing options. Note that neither the on-campus shuttles nor the city buses run late at night or early in the morning, ( a factor to consider when you select work shifts and classes).

If you will rely on University transportation and public transportation to travel, visit the University shuttle page and the Centro website to view access areas and schedules. While the University’s shuttles are free, taking other Centro routes will require a bus pass or fare.

Remember, you want to begin your housing search early—use the Syracuse University Off-Campus Housing Finder to explore housing options in the Syracuse area. Please note that the University offers additional guidance and support through the Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services.