2017 Excellence in Graduate Education Faculty Recognition Award Recipients

Past recipients of the Excellence in Graduate Education Faculty Recognition Award:


  • Mark Heller, Philosophy
  • James H. Henderson, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
  • Azra Hromadžić, Anthropology
  • Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn, History
  • Zunli Lu, Earth Sciences
  • Erin J. Rand, Communication and Rhetorical Studies


  • Thomas M. Keck, Political Science
  • Jose Simon Perez, Broadcast & Digital Journalism
  • Gwendolyn D. Pough, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Cecilia Van Hollen, Anthropology


  • Christine Ashby, Teaching and Leadership/Special Education
  • Andrew London, Sociology
  • Shanon Novak, Anthropology
  • Dennis Romano, History
  • Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Information Studies


  • Steven Cohan, English
  • William F. Kelleher, Jr. (posthumous), Anthropology
  • Omer Preminger, Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
  • Senem Velipasalar, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science


  • William B.Bradley, Philosophy
  • Matthew Cleary, Political Science
  • Christopher R. DeCorse, Anthropology
  • Laura K. Lautz, Earth Sciences
  • Gretchen Lopez, Cultural Foundations of Education
  • Leonard M. Lopoo, Public Administration and International Affairs
  • Patrick T. Mather, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
  • Peter A. Vanable, Psychology
  • Jason R. Wiles, Biology and Science Teaching


  • Johann Joseph Comprix, Joseph I. Lubin School of Accounting
  • Jeremy L Gilbert, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
  • Jonathan K Hanson, Political Science
  • Chris E Johnson, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Jackie Orr, Sociology
  • Susan Snow Wadley, Anthropology


  • Lois Peters Agnew, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric
  • Alfonso H. Peter Castro, Anthropology
  • Kathleen A. Hinchman, Reading and Language Arts
  • Michelle Lynn Kaarst-Brown, School of Information Studies
  • Fred Karpoff, Setnor School of Music
  • Melissa Luke, Counseling and Human Services


  • Rachel Brown, Reading and Language Arts
  • John Burdick, Anthropology
  • Elizabeth F. Cohen, Political Science
  • Stephen Masiclat, Media Management
  • Yuesheng Xu, Mathematics


  • D. Bruce Carter, Child & Family Studies
  • Michael Freedman (posthumous), Anthropology
  • Christopher Kennedy, English
  • Alison Mountz, Geography
  • Lisa Ann Osadciw, Electrical Engineering
  • Hans Peter Schmitz, Political Science


  • Ludwig Stein, Art, Painting Program
  • Kelly Chandler-Olcott, Reading and Language Arts
  • Margaret Himley, Writing and Rhetoric
  • Harold (Dick) Hackney, Counseling and Human Services
  • Julie Causton-Theoharis, Teaching and Leadership
  • Audie Klotz, Political Science
  • M. Gail Hamner, Religion
  • Joshua Smyth, Psychology
  • Nazanin Mansouri, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Shobha K. Bhatia, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Carol M. Liebler, Media Studies
  • Sharon Dotger, Science Teaching


  • Keith J. Bybee, Political Science
  • Kevin Crowston, Information Studies
  • Ravi Dharwadkar, Management
  • Karen A. Doherty, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Charles T. Driscoll, Jr., Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Johanna Keller, Arts Journalism