Campus-Wide Programming

The Graduate School organizes FPP events throughout the academic year. These typically include:


Additional Teaching-Related Programming

Additional teaching-related programming offered through the TA Program includes:

  • The Topics in Higher Education series. Four events per year, designed to introduce future faculty to current trends and issues that will affect their working lives as academics.
  • Academic job-search events co-sponsored with Career Services. Approximately six-eight programs are offered each year, coordinated with the job-search calendar.
  • The FPP Annual Conference in mid-May. Two days of concurrent and plenary sessions devoted to pedagogy, research and publication, the job search, and other aspects of academic professionalization.


Departmental Programming

Because departments and programs vary widely in the number of FPP participants and in human and financial resources available, it is not possible to outline general expectations regarding FPP programming at the departmental level. Nonetheless, most departments do maintain a schedule of events and activities that lends structure and cohesion to the program. Some possibilities include:

  • Conferences and seminars
  • Credit-bearing courses on professionalization in the discipline
  • Presentations by FPP participants on their research, teaching, or other topics (e.g., brown bags)
  • Peer mentoring with more advanced graduate students
  • Dissertation/comprehensive exam support groups
  • Mock job interviews
  • Formal and informal presentations/discussions with junior and senior faculty, alumni, and guest speakers
  • Visits to area colleges to talk with faculty about cultures/expectations at different kinds of institutions
  • Opportunities to practice delivering conference talks
  • Collective attendance at  professional meetings in the discipline

FPP-participating departments and individuals may apply for grants from the Graduate School to support programming that is open and relevant to the FPP at large. Four such awards of up to $500 will be available each year.

Events organized or funded by the Graduate School and those departmental events designated as open to the wider FPP community will be publicized via listserv. In addition, consult the Graduate School’s online events calendar.