Future Professoriate Program

Graduate students in participating departments are eligible to join Syracuse University’s Future Professoriate Program, a structured professional development experience for aspiring faculty. The FPP provides students with the experience, confidence and documented performance they need to excel as teachers and scholars in higher education. We produce candidates who not only get jobs, but quickly become indispensable to the departments, colleges, and universities they join and to the students they teach.

FPP is a partnership between the Graduate School and more than 35 academic departments/units across Syracuse University.  The Graduate School sets the general framework for the program, performs administrative and coordinating functions, and sponsors programming relevant across the disciplines.  The participating academic departments/schools implement mentoring relationships, programs and other activities tailored to the disciplinary environment and professional needs of their students.

Through FPP you will have the opportunity to participate in  and receive:

  • Professional development programming and related events designed to prepare for life as a faculty member. For all upcoming Graduate School events, see our calendar. For past events, visit our YouTube page.
  • The Certificate in University Teaching awarded jointly by the Graduate School and participating academic departments to students who document their readiness to hold faculty appointments through the preparation of FPP Teaching Portfolios.
  • Independent mentored teaching experiences under the guidance of faculty teaching mentors.
  • Attend the annual FPP conference in mid-May.
  • FPP Stipends: All FPP participants are eligible to receive an annual FPP individual stipend for up to two years.  The stipends are disbursed to active program participants that have turned in a participation summary in mid-May of the academic year.

Consult the FPP participant handbook for more detailed information.