Certificate in University Teaching

Graduate students at Syracuse University have the unique opportunity to earn a Certificate in University Teaching (CUT).  Offered through the Future Professoriate Program, the CUT is a valuable credential that can help job applications stand out in a competitive field.

Awarded jointly by the Graduate School and the student’s academic department, the CUT is a tangible form of recognition for FPP participants and demonstrates readiness to assume faculty responsibilities in higher education.

In order to qualify for CUT you must:

You may receive the certificate upon completion of all requirements and the primary faculty liaison submits a signed Certificate in University Teaching Completion form to the Graduate School. Forms are due on Friday, March 22 for academic year 2023-24. With some exceptions (e.g., M.A. students enrolled through Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics), earning the CUT requires at least two years of FPP participation. Upon earning the CUT, you may continue to participate in the FPP while actively matriculated and in good standing with your program.