Teaching Mentors

A rigorous application process culminates in the selection of 32 outstanding individuals to be awarded a teaching mentor position.

Selected for their excellence in teaching and overall graduate study, and representing colleges and disciplines from across the university, the teaching mentors comprise the “core faculty” during the Teaching Assistant Orientation Program. The teaching mentors serve as small group leaders and mentors to approximately 300 new TAs each August. They also participate in the development and implementation of teaching assistant program activities throughout the academic year and act as teaching consultants for the Graduate School.

2024-25 Teaching Mentors


Michael Ammoury
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fasika Melese
Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation
Linzy Sunshine Andre
Counseling and Human Services
Katelyn Miller
Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics
Erika Arias
Political Science
Brian Odiwuor
Teaching & Leadership/Mathematics
Chris Cho
Gizem Ozyazici
Science Teaching
Gargi De
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Michael Parks
Art and Music Histories
Aysenur Deger
Political Science
Joanna Ruiz Mendez
Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics
Amber Ford
Morgan Shaw
Heather Gunn
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Kahyen Shin
Counseling and Human Services
Darzhan Kazbekova
Social Science
Marie Shuter
Amanda Kingston
Cultural Foundations of Education
Calistus Simiyu
Math Education
Elise Krespan
Tru Truong
Janie Le
Writing Studies, Rhetoric, & Composition
Nathalie Uwamahoro
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Qingyang Liu
Human Development and Family Science

Ben Valen
Aidee Leon Lua
Jenna Walmer
Takunda Maisva
Cole Wilhelm
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Minnie McMillian
Gabriella Wilson
Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition/Women’s and Gender Studies