Better coverage for less

At Syracuse, we’re proud to provide access to high-quality, University-subsidized healthcare coverage to our graduate teaching and research assistants, as well as graduate fellows. With input from graduate students across the University, the Graduate Assistant Health Insurance Committee  is currently exploring ways to make these healthcare benefits stronger and even more affordable for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The committee is focused on four critical objectives:

  1. Improving value
    The Graduate Assistant Health Insurance Committee is focused on enhancing health coverage for graduate assistants, including reducing the risk of gaps in coverage.
  2. Maintaining access to the highest level of benefits
    We want all graduate assistants to have cost effective, subsidized access to a Platinum level plan that meets their healthcare needs
  3. Lowering graduate assistant costs
    Through robust subsidies from the University, our goal is to significantly reduce graduate assistants’ premiums for health care coverage. We’re also working to make paying over time, via an installment plan, a reality. That way our graduate assistants will not be required to make a lump sum premium payment.
  4. Ensuring that graduate assistants have access to vision and dental benefits
    One thing we’ve heard repeatedly is that graduate assistants want continued access to vision and dental benefits. Currently, the student plan does not provide this option. We are working hard to make this possible.

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