2017 Outstanding Teaching Assistants

The Outstanding TA Award recognizes Teaching Assistants who have made distinguished contributions to Syracuse University by demonstrating excellence in significant instructional capacities, such as classroom teaching, laboratory or studio instruction, leading recitation or discussion sections, or assisting senior faculty members with high-enrollment courses. TAs are nominated by their departments and must present a teaching portfolio for review by a university-wide faculty selection committee.

Congratulations to the 2017 Outstanding TAs!

  • Pamela Ann Barker, Communication and Rhetorical Studies
  • Elizabeth Marie Blowers, Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
  • Timothy Holden Carter, Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition
  • Kyle Patrick Colglazier, Communication and Rhetorical Studies
  • Elizabeth A. Daniele, Sociology
  • Dante Dauksz, Philosophy
  • Meredith Devennie, Teaching and Leadership – Teaching & Curriculum
  • Lei Duan, History
  • Emily Ann Francisco, Art and Music Histories
  • Rachel Nicole Gettinger, Mathematics
  • Yifan Gong, Biology
  • Jacob Andrew Hall, Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation
  • Narmene Hamsho, Psychology
  • Evan Hixon, English
  • Arturo Javier-Castellanos, Philosophy
  • Ling Li, Economics
  • Yini Li, Biology
  • Rachel Katherine Linsner,  Human Development and Family Science
  • Judith Liu, Economics
  • Alvina Mardhani-Bayne, Reading and Language Arts – Literacy Education
  • William J. Oliver, Sociology
  • Sarah Elizabeth Platt, Anthropology
  • Jessica Michelle Posega, Anthropology
  • Timothy Jeffrey Reid, Psychology
  • Michele Rivas, Counseling and Human Services
  • Sara Lilliann Scribner, Teaching and Leadership – Special Education
  • Chad Michael Seader, Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition
  • Chilisa Marie Shorten, Earth Sciences
  • Jeremy D. Sloane, College Science Teaching
  • Yosung Song, Teaching and Leadership – Special Education
  • Matthew Dougall Stewart, History
  • Erin Elizabeth Tripp, Mathematics
  • Victoria Mwia Wambua, Mathematics
  • Thomas Jefferson West III, English
  • Tewodros Aklilu Zewde, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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