2014-2015Outstanding TA Winners

Congratulations to the  2015 Outstanding Teaching Assistants!

The Outstanding TA Award recognizes Teaching Assistants who have made distinguished contributions to Syracuse University by demonstrating excellence in significant instructional capacities, such as classroom teaching, laboratory or studio instruction, leading recitation or discussion sections, or assisting senior faculty members with high-enrollment courses. TAs are nominated by their departments and must present a teaching portfolio for review by a university-wide faculty selection committee.

Congratulations to the 2015 Outstanding TAs!

  • Ynesse Abdul-Malak, Sociology
  • Krystal A. Barber, Mathematics Education
  • Rouzbeh Berton, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Emma M. Brodeur, Religion
  • Lindsay Burt, Political Science
  • Sean Martin Clancy, Philosophy
  • Wendy DeBoer, Religion
  • Lindsey Decker, English
  • Carli Flynn, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Susan Clare Flynn, Chemistry
  • Aaron Hoy, Sociology
  • Jesse Hysell, History
  • Elissa M. Isenberg, History
  • Joshua Jones, Mathematics
  • Li Kang, Philosophy
  • Emily A. Kaufman, Writing Program
  • Pedram Maghsoud-Nia, Political Science
  • Michael Newell, Political Science
  • Janine L. Nieroda-Madden , English Education
  • AnnMarie H. O’Neil, Mathematics
  • Jesse Quinn, Geography
  • Taapsi Ramchandani, Anthropology
  • Kimberly Raymond, Child & Family Studies
  • Kate Richmond, Teaching & Leadership
  • Carrie E. Rood, Teaching & Leadership
  • Rachael Shapiro, Writing Program
  • Khim Raj Shrestha, Mathematics
  • Fangchao Song, Biomedical & Chemical Engineering
  • Mingxuan Tan, Psychology
  • Jeffrey Treistman, Political Science
  • Melissa Amanda Vaillancourt, Communication & Rhetorical Studies
  • Nicole Elsasser Watson, Social Science
  • Melissa Welshans, English
  • David P. Witesman, Accounting

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