The TA Program helps graduate students prepare to be successful as students and scholars at Syracuse University and as teachers, advisors, and role models in their teaching assistant positions. The orientation and professional development activities sponsored by the Graduate School enable teaching assistants to enhance their teaching skills and provide opportunities for rich, multidisciplinary conversations about teaching and graduate study.

Teaching assistants (as well as graduate assistants, research assistants, and instructional associates) are appointed by each academic department or instructional unit. Graduate students interested in serving as TAs should contact the departments in which they would like to work.

  • All-University Teaching Assistant Orientation. All first-time teaching assistants (TAs) at Syracuse University are required to complete an orientation program. The comprehensive, All-University Orientation Program held each August offers a mix of concurrent and large-group sessions designed to prepare graduate students for success in their instructional roles.
  • Services for TAs. The TA Program provides programming, observations/consultations, assessment tools, and other services to support TAs in their instructional roles.
  • TA Program Workshops. The TA Program hosts workshops during the academic year focusing on problems and issues that TAs face.
  • English Language Proficiency Services. The Graduate School provides a number of services to help international teaching assistants (ITAs) succeed as students and instructors.
  • Teaching Mentor Position. Each year, 28 to 34 highly skilled teaching assistants from across campus are named teaching mentors with the Graduate School. Teaching mentors serve as the core instructional staff for the August TA Orientation Program.
  • Outstanding TA Award. This award recognizes graduate students who have made distinguished contributions to Syracuse University through demonstrated excellence in the TA role.

To learn more, contact:

Shawn Loner, TA Program Coordinator
The Graduate School
304 Lyman Hall
Syracuse, New York 13244