The following wellness and family resources are offered to promote mental, physical, and emotional health for graduate students with and without families.

  • Office of Student Assistance. SA works to address the needs of students who struggle in such areas as psychological health, physical health, victimization, relationship issues, and social adjustment through a variety of interventions, referrals, and case management services.
  • Counseling Center. The clinical staff of the Counseling Center provides comprehensive mental health and substance abuse–related services, supporting students in times of crisis by facilitating problem resolution, enhancing coping skills, promoting personal growth, and promoting academic success.
  • Health Services. Syracuse University Health Services provides a range of ambulatory health-care and wellness services for students. Graduate students registered for 9 credits or more have paid the University’s Health and Wellness Fee and are eligible to use these services at no additional cost.
  • Recreation Services. Find out about the facilities (including 6 fitness centers), classes, programs, and sports clubs available to help all members of the SU community maintain active and healthy lifestyles.
  • Student Legal Services. SLS is a non-profit organization (not part of Syracuse University) that provides a range of free legal services to graduate students, including legal advice, document preparation, and, in some cases, legal representation.
  • Off-Campus and Commuter Services. OCCS provides students with information on finding suitable housing, exercising their rights and upholding their responsibilities as tenants, and identifying resources that can assist with other housing-related questions.
  • Child Care at SU. Campus-based child care and early education providers include the SU Early Education and Child Care Center and the Bernice M. Wright Child Development Laboratory School.
  • Child Care in Syracuse. Information and advice regarding child care in the Syracuse area, including financial assistance options, are available from the resource and referral agency Child Care Solutions.
  • Children with special needs. The SU-based Mid-State Early Childhood Direction Center provides information and training about available service options and service delivery systems for parents of children with disabilities, from birth through age five.
  • Schools in the Syracuse area. The educational environment for children is an important consideration for graduate student parents, particularly as regards housing options.

Not sure which resource is best for your particular situation? Contact the Office of Student Assistance.