Creating a Teaching Portfolio

Advanced doctoral students competing for faculty positions are increasingly asked to provide documentation of their teaching experience, ability and effectiveness. Evidence indicates that a teaching portfolio is the preferred method of gathering and presenting this information. Therefore Graduate School use the teaching portfolio as part of the application process for the Teaching Mentor position, the Outstanding TA Award and as the most important qualification for the Certificate in University Teaching of the Future Professoriate Program.

The contents of a portfolio vary according to the preferences of the candidate, the conventions of the discipline and the desired audience/award. The following items are typical:

  • Reflective statement on the candidate’s teaching theories, goals, and practices
  • Copies of syllabi, paper topics, examinations, or other course handouts
  • One or more sets of student evaluations, with the candidate’s commentary on them
  • Videotape of the candidate in one or more kinds of teaching situations (for example, lecturing, leading a discussion)
  • Report of any faculty mentors’ class visitation
  • Teaching-related projects designed by the candidate
  • Documentation of teaching awards
  • Prospectus for course(s) the candidate would like to teach in the future
  • Scholarly activities and their relation to the candidates’ teaching
  • Letters of recommendation from mentors or advisors (the Future Professoriate Project also requires a final summary and assessment by the faculty teaching mentor)

Portfolio Resources

Sample Teaching Portfolios